Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Please refer to our "How To Order" section.

What are your prices?

You will need to have an account with us before you will be able to view our wholesale prices. Registering takes less than a minute.

Any fees and charges?

Admin Fee: 50,000 per brand.

Shipping Fee: As per charged by the respective logistics company (EMS etc.), depending on your selected shipping method, will only be reflected in the final invoice.

Deposit: 50% deposit required to confirm the order. We will begin processing your order once we have received the deposit. Any costs incurred due to change of mind thereafter will be deducted from your deposit. Do note that brand companies/distributing agents DO NOT allow us to return goods that we have ordered due to change of mind, therefore, costs incurred due to change of mind may include us having to sell the goods at a deep discount to attract immediate buyers to take up the goods.

Why do you charge an admin fee when other wholesalers don't?

The admin fee concept is probably something unique to us, and was introduced to make the quotation process more efficient and fair to buyers.

Currently in the market, when requested, most wholesalers will probably quote you a wholesale rate of, for example, 65% for Brand XYZ. As time goes on, if your order size gets bigger, you probably need to re-negotiate with them for a better rate.

Alternatively, some wholesalers provide tiered rates for each brand and they make it known to buyers right at the start, for example 70% for 1 million won order (retail price) and 60% for 10 million won order. This is a fairer and more transparent pricing system, yet, these tiers usually comes in 1, 2, 5, 10 million won etc, and many buyers often find themselves torn when for example, their planned order size comes up to 8 million won. Do they increase their order size to get a better pricing but risk not being able to sell off everything? Or do they cut down on their purchasing for this batch and order the remainder together with their next order to qualify for a better tier at the risk of some lost sales this time round?

To simplify things, we offer our best wholesale rate to all buyers. For example, we price all products of Brand XYZ at a wholesale rate of 58%, irregardless of the buyer's order size. We then charge an admin fee of 50,000 per brand per order.

Using this example, a buyer that intends to purchase 1 million won (retail price) of Brand XYZ products will pay ₩630,000 (₩1,000,000 x 58% + 50,000) - effective rate of 63%.

Another buyer that intends to purchase 10 million won (retail price) of Brand XYZ products will pay ₩5,850,000 (₩10,000,000 x 58% + 50,000) - effective rate of 58.5%.

With a bigger order size, the wholesale rate drops accordingly. And more importantly, the buyer does not have to waste time planning their purchase order in order to make sure it hits a certain discount tier.

Why is the admin fee chargable per brand when I only made one order?

The admin fee is actually reflective of the operational costs (labour hired to process the order, check the goods, re-pack the goods, packing material etc.) that we incur when we process each buyer's order.

When a buyer orders products from multiple brands, we actually have to prepare a separate purchase order to each brand company/distributing agent. The goods from the various brands will also reach us at different times, and each will require their own checking and re-packing.

In other words, the operational costs we incur between buyer A who purchases 10 million won from 1 single brand, and buyer B who purchases 10 million won from 100 different brands, are vastly different. Thus, for a fairer approach, the admin fee is chargable on a per brand basis.

As an example, if a buyer's order consists of products from 3 different brands, the admin fee for the order will total to ₩150,000 (3 x 50,000), irregardless of the number of different products in the order, their quantity or the order size.